Between four and five is a time of expanding horizons, and that’s what students in the PreK do. They are budding writers, readers, and scientists. They keep journals, write notes to each other at their writing table, and make observations. PreK students practice counting in English and Spanish, and start to learn basic addition and subtraction. Art is omnipresent. It usually reflects what they are studying: dinosaurs, the seasons, bees, the ocean, bats, and just about any other topic of interest. There’s also plenty of time to play, both inside the classroom and in their outdoor classroom space. Block towers and civilizations rise and fall as they use their imaginations in innovative ways. They drive cars, dress up, and mix mud pies in their outdoor kitchen. Learning to share, take turns, and navigate social situations skillfully are a priority. Children in the PreK have weekly Spanish, music, and P.E. classes. The general curriculum occurs in the morning, and afternoon students take naps. Students must attend 5 days, either all day or mornings only.


play dough chefs

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