In the Preschool 4s everything is a learning experience and the children’s days are based on inquiry, exploration and questioning. They learn how to use their words and help others. Some of the skills they develop are cooperation, teamwork, routine, following directions, pre-math, pre-science, pre-reading, and gross and fine motor. These are helpful tools for kindergarten readiness. Math skills come through block building, calendar, counting, and spatial activities. Children also work on patterns, shapes, and colors. They spend time recognizing their names, letters and sounds, and learn about drawing and writing as well. The main science focus is on observing and growing, especially through gardening. They also choose studies throughout the year, such as space, the rain forest, the human body, Medieval Ages, seasons, and different holidays. Children in the Preschool 4s class have weekly Spanish, music, and P.E. classes. The general curriculum occurs in the morning, and afternoon students take naps. Students may attend 2 days (TTH), 3 days (MWF), or 5 days, either all day or mornings only.





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