The Toddler 1s is our youngest class at the Seed. For most of the children, this is their first experience of being away from home in a group setting. It is a warm and friendly room where children between the ages of one and two can safely explore their new environment with the assistance of their loving and caring teachers. Their daily morning routine includes brief circle times, creative movement, free time to explore materials and activities, outside play time, and, of course, snack and lunch. For the children who stay all day, there is a restful naptime in the afternoon. Reading is an important part of the day and stories are read throughout the day in small groups as well as individually and with older buddies. Children learn social skills such as asking for a turn, sharing, being helpful, respecting others, assertiveness, and using words to have needs met. Students in our Toddler 1s class learn sign language and are introduced to Spanish. The teachers have a deep understanding of infant and toddler developmental milestones. Children are generally in diapers in this class, although some make the transition to potty training during the year. Students may attend 2 days (TTH), 3 days (MWF), or 5 days, either all day or mornings only.













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