The Toddler 2s class is a continuation of the Toddler 1s. Many of the children have been in the program the previous year, so they know the routine of a school day. Children have a wide variety of materials and equipment to choose from, as well as daily opportunities to express themselves through art, creative movement, and music. Students receive Spanish instruction weekly. They continue to learn sign language as their verbal language skills develop. Our Toddler 2s students have buddy readers from the Preschool 4s class who come to read and play with them regularly. As their language development occurs, they also become more adept socially. They have “jobs” to learn how to be helpful in the classroom. The teachers are skilled at helping the children use “brave talk” to stand up for themselves, take turns, and learn to share with friends. Like the Toddler 1s class, the general curriculum occurs in the morning, and they nap in the afternoons. Some children are in diapers at the beginning of the year, but by spring, most are potty trained. Students may attend 2 days (TTH), 3 days (MWF), or 5 days, either all day or mornings only.

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