In the 1st/2nd grade classroom, children expand their reading skills through many direct experiences. Books are selected for their high-quality stories and illustrations. These books are readily available. The children learn to read and write as part of a language and literacy program that is integrated throughout the curriculum. The 1st and 2nd grade math program is designed to help children become comfortable using skills by exploring, discovering, and learning math in the context of daily living. Large and small group activities empower each child to think, plan, talk, and get involved. The children learn best through lots of hands-on activities. They begin to “research” topics of special interest. Science is explored through special projects, investigations, and items of interest brought into the classroom. Gardening is done in the outside classroom as well. 1st and 2nd graders enjoy weekly reading time with preschool buddies and visit a nearby nursing home on a monthly basis. Students receive weekly instruction in Spanish, music, and P. E. and attend 5 full days.

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