An Awakening Seed year is filled with events that build the school’s strong sense of community. Some events include most Seed families, and others are more specific to a group of parents or classrooms. Alumni and friends are invited to a number of the events, especially the Halloween Carnival and Celebration of the Winter Solstice.

Open House

The open house is held on the Monday before school begins each August.  It runs from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.  It is an opportunity for the children and parents to see their classroom and meet the teachers and classmates.  Some families come for the entire time and others just drop in for a short visit.  Generally, it is a busy time for the teachers, so any matters that need more extensive attention should be discussed at an alternative time.  At the Open House you will have an opportunity to have general questions answered regarding your child’s start of a new school year.

Curriculum Week/New Parent Orientation

Curriculum Week is held virtually in late August to give parents a chance to learn about the curriculum in their child’s  classroom.  Teachers and parents will gather on Zoom to share information and have questions answered.  New Parent Orientation will be held virtually at 6 p.m. on the Monday evening of Curriculum Week. Specific dates and times for Curriculum Week are included in the school calendar.

Tie-Dye and Tile Painting

Tie-Dye and Tile Painting is a chance to add that special unique touch to your newly purchased white Seed T-shirt, as well as paint a tile to go on the front of the building.  Held on the Thursday before the teacher work day in September, everyone is charged through Gradelink a minimal fee to cover the cost of the shirts and dyes, which are applied to the shirts at school and then taken home in a plastic bag to wash out the next morning.  Instructions for how to tie the shirts are provided ahead of time.  If you want to paint a tile, the cost is $25 each, which will also be charged to your Gradelink account.  The proceeds go into the Seed general fund and are used around the school for classroom and program needs.

Halloween Carnival

Currently the Seed Halloween Carnival is on hold.  Once reinstated, the Halloween Carnival is the Seed’s major fundraising event, coordinated by the APA each year, and executed with the help of many, many parent volunteers.  The carnival was originally developed as a fun alternative to Halloween in the 1980s and has evolved into a large event which current families and friends, neighbors, and Seed alumni attend.  The carnival is not held on Halloween night anymore, and is usually the last Friday evening before Halloween.  Included in the event are a raffle, silent auction, food, games, a photo booth, a toddler bounce house, an obstacle course, and other activities.  All funds generated by the raffle and silent auction go to the Seed scholarship fund.  Other funds support classroom activities and other school needs.

All-School Gratitude Gathering

The all-school gratitude gathering is held outside on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at lunchtime. Families bring their own picnic lunch.  We begin the event by gathering in the multipurpose room to sing and remember what we’re thankful for, and then move outside to eat.  School is dismissed early that day.

Winter Solstice Celebration

The Winter Solstice Celebration is one of the favorite and most memorable Seed events.  In the past it was an evening of dancing and singing by the Seed children, and in 2021 we significantly transformed the event to an outdoor experience.  Our new tradition is a family event where everyone arrives at a designated time to walk a luminaria path on our playground.  Children’s art is featured along with a candle lighting experience during this special evening.  The after school program ends at 4 p.m. on the day of the Solstice Celebration.

Love & Logic Parenting Workshops

This is a series of workshops offered free of charge to all Seed parents interested in learning more about this excellent program. Taught by Seed staff, the workshops give parents a chance to learn about the Seed’s approach to guidance and discipline, and at the same time learn how to make parenting a more pleasant experience.

School Picnic

The School Picnic is held in the spring at the Seed on a Saturday afternoon.  The picnic is organized by the staff.  Families bring their own food, and participate enjoy games, music,  and a chance to check out various elements of the outdoor environment. Former Seed families are always welcome and everyone enjoys this relaxing and casual time on the Seed playground.

Seed Art Silent Auction

The Seed Art Silent Auction is held online in April and features artwork created by Seed children and staff. Classrooms contribute a designated number of pieces of artwork for the event made collectively by each group.  Funds raised are used to support our outdoor programs.  The auction is held online.

Awards and Graduation

Awards and Graduation occur during the last week of the regular school year. Each class has a separate awards ceremony where children, teachers and volunteers are individually honored for their efforts and achievements of the year. It is one of the most touching and memorable Seed days. Graduation for the 3rd and 4th graders is held on the last day. All students and parents are invited to attend this final event honoring our graduates.

Birthdays at the Seed

Birthdays are a joyful part of the Seed experience.  In the spirit of inclusivity, we ask that you honor the school birthday policy by refraining from bringing food items to share.  Please check with your child’s teacher to learn how you can best celebrate your child’s birthday at school.  Additionally, we ask that birthday party invitations are delivered at school ONLY if everyone in the class is invite.