IMG_6633In the kindergarten class, children learn with new awareness while experiencing themselves more fully as members of a group. They learn about reading, writing, math, and social sciences by observing teacher demonstrations and participating in dialogue to exchange ideas and develop strategies. They learn to write by writing for authentic purposes and learn to read by reading real books, charts, and daily messages. Students develop mathematical concepts through partner work, inquiry, and discovery as they explore concrete materials and real-life problems. Throughout the day kindergarten students develop their imaginations, social skills, and aesthetic sensibilities through play and rich sensory experiences. They garden, build, dance and sing, draw and paint, and use technology to expand their learning in various ways. They have Spanish, music, and P.E. classes and read weekly with their buddies in the PreK class. Kindergarten students participate fully in life at the Seed, stepping into their role as “big kids” with determination and enthusiasm. They work, grow, learn, and discover the joy of being part of the community. All students attend five full days.