Tuition Scholarships & Tax Credit Donations

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tuition scholarships

ALL students enrolled in the elementary grades Kindergarten and above are eligible to receive AZ tax credit scholarships.  Awakening Seed School partners with Institute for Better Education.  Students wishing to apply for tuition scholarships need to apply each year through the website.  There are various types of awards available and are determined upon the completion of the application. For more information on receiving an elementary scholarship, please contact Sarah Balluff at

tax credit donations

Anyone who pays AZ taxes can contribute up to their state liability, at ZERO cost to the contributor.  If you typically get a refund, it will be larger.  If you typically have to pay, it will reduce your bill.  You have until April 15, 2023 to contribute and receive the dollar-for-dollar credit on your 2022 taxes!  Contribute before you file!  

Institute for Better Education (IBE)

•  donors can recommend funds go to Awakening Seed

•  family and friends can recommend funds go to a specific child (must be grade eligible)

•  IBE accepts credit cards, checks, and online payments

•  IBE can accept corporate matches for employee donations

•  Arizona businesses can participate in the Corporate Tax Credit Program through IBE – see the website for details

For more information on how the tax credit donation works, donation limits, types of donations, or to complete your donation quickly and securely, please visit IBE online. Donations may also be mailed directly to IBE with the  Mail In form.