Alumni Connection

The Seed Alumni

The time has come for a more intentional gathering of Seed alumni. We’ve recently launched a new alumni section of our website that is designed to allow former Seeds to connect with others while staying informed about continuing growth of our school. For more information about Seed alums or to review biographies of currently listed alums, click here.  If you would like your biography and photo listed, contact

Alumni Follow-up Study

In 2008, Quietly Changing the Planetan ethnographic study of former Awakening Seed students, was published by Mary Glover and Penelope Denton. Evolving over many years, the original purpose of the study was to gather information in response to the question: How do Awakening Seed students do when they leave the school? Click here to download the study.

The entire process was an act of love for both of us; the interviews, data analysis, writing, and revisions all squeezed in between our full time jobs over a period of seven years. In addition to the follow-up study, we thought another way to answer this question was to have our graduates tell their stories directly. Check in from time to time to read more about our sprouted Seeds.