The Early 3s class is a transition class between the toddler and preschool programs. Most of the children have been in the program the previous year, so they are familiar with how school works. Children learn to make choices throughout the day during their cognitive work, dramatic play, art, sensory experiences, P. E. and music. Students have Spanish instruction weekly. They receive daily support in developing their verbal skills so they can apply them in social situations. The Early 3s students have buddies from an elementary class who come to work and play with them twice a month. The teachers are skilled at helping the children use “brave talk” to stand up for themselves, take turns, and learn to share with friends. Like the toddler classes, the general curriculum occurs in the morning, and they nap in the afternoon. It is recommended that children be potty trained for this class, although some are not at the beginning of the year. All non-potty trained students are required to pay the toddler tuition rate until they are trained in this class. Students may attend 2 days (TTH), 3 days (MWF), or 5 days, either all day or mornings only.

early 3s painting






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