Whoever You Are

Seed magic was alive and well last night.  Onstage for the first time in South Mountain High School’s auditorium, our Seeds put on a show that warmed hearts, dazzled eyes, delighted ears, and offered a message of hope.  With Mem Fox’s book Whoever You Are (http://memfox.com/books/whoever-you-are/) as a starting point, one-year-olds through 4th graders danced . . . Read More

The Sun Will Rise Again

On Tuesday morning, the day of America’s notorious election, I took my daily walk.  For a brief moment I gazed at the sky to see a cloud formation that reminded me of Arizona’s flag.  At that particular time I wasn’t even thinking about the election, I was reflecting on a fleeting but meaningful friendship I’d . . . Read More

A Kindhearted One

My circle of elders is dwindling.  As of Sunday evening, the circle is minus one more.  Marilyn Russell, age 93, passed peacefully from this world.  Marilyn was the mom across the street, the mom who pulled our wiggly teeth, the mom who made us feel like she loved us as much as her own kids.  She made . . . Read More

Work That Matters

The Seed is abuzz with Earth Day enthusiasm.  This year our focus is on using reusable drink cups, containers, and shopping bags, as well as looking at myths surrounding recycling.  Added to that, the lead staff met Monday to discuss an article called, “For Students, the Importance of Doing Work that Matters.” Author Will Richardson writes:  “ . . . Read More