Loving Impressions

It’s a known fact that I’m a frequent walker and my walks, especially those by the canal, never fail to produce their share of surprises.  The coyote sightings are by far the most exciting.  One of my favorite days was when I saw three coyotes  on the other side of the canal and right before my eyes one of them jumped the canal.  It was the first time it crossed my mind that coyotes might have the ability to fly.  I also see wild rabbits regularly, along with an occasional horse.  Hummingbirds also appear and I try to pay attention to what I’m thinking about when I see one.  These random appearances, in my opinion, offer insights to understanding some of life’s deepest questions.

Recently I was pondering a life theme that surfaces often.  It was a beautiful day, the sky was a brilliant blue, and the morning sun was just warming up the desert after an unusual cold spell.  As I walked along, I happened to look down and notice a perfect heart imprinted in the dirt ahead of me.  At first I kept walking by, then decided it was photo worthy.  Continuing on my walk, I thought about that heart and wondered what created it.  My first thought was that it was an imprint from a horseshoe, but later, upon further examination, decided it was from the bottom of a human’s shoe.  I loved the idea of impressing hearts on the planet with each footstep.

I find myself noticing ways that others are impressing the planet in positive, loving ways.  On the radio I heard an interview with a man promoting the upcoming Waste Management Phoenix Open.  He talked about their third annual “Green Out” on Saturday.  For everyone who wears green, they donate funds to deserving nonprofits such as Keep Phoenix Beautiful, Arizona Forward, and Keep America Beautiful.  What impressed me even more was his description of the organizers’ intention to keep waste from the event at a minimal level.  He reported that last year 97% of their trash was recycled or composted.  This year they hope to surpass last year’s success.  They are hoping that by publicizing their efforts, others will do the same.

There are so many ways we can leave our loving impressions on our planet.  At the basic level here at the Seed it’s why we encourage parents to use reusable containers, avoid plastic bags, and purchase snacks in larger quantities to avoid the extra packaging.  It’s also why we encourage kids to compost their food scraps and teach them how to grow a garden.  We leave a loving impression on the planet each time we reach out to a friend or collect food to put a meal on a hungry family’s table.  We keep asking questions and teaching children to use their imaginations to come up with solutions.  It can be overwhelming to think of how many changes are needed to make Planet Earth a healthier place to live.  We begin and continue our journey one step at a time, doing our best to leave our heartprints along the way.

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