I’m certain we have the happiest roly poly pill bugs in the neighborhood.  Who wouldn’t be happy to live in a strawberry bed heavily laden with such sweetness?  There are so many strawberries in our patch I can’t keep up with them.  I fill a bowl with juicy red berries and two days later there are enough for a repeat harvest.  So far in the last few weeks I’ve picked over 200 strawberries.  The plants are so thick it’s like a juicy rainforest for roly polies.  In the deepest part of the strawberry jungle lie dozens of fermented berries, rotting away because they weren’t discovered in time.  Others, still juicy in their prime, are left behind because there are as many roly polies on them as there are seeds.  It’s been a lesson in generosity, and a lesson in letting go.

It’s all in the timing when it comes to sharing with roly polies.  They’ve been a favorite garden creature of my grandchildren over the last eleven years and they do no harm our plants.  When I first planted strawberries I noticed that the roly polies loved the ripe fruit.  I learned quickly that I need to keep a close eye on the berries because as soon as they reach a certain read-to-eat point, the roly polies arrive.  They’ve taught me to maintain an attitude of generosity, remembering that when we share, there will always be enough to go around.

Living with the idea of enoughness has helped me in other ways.  It has enabled me to have healthier expectations for myself and those around me.  Instead of looking at shortcomings, I try to see what is present, be grateful, and use whatever is before me or within me to move forward to what is next.  These days I am also embracing the idea that less is sometimes more.  I believe it is possible to live a quality life with less complication and more simplicity.  I’m not sure it’s a point we ever reach but certainly one to which we can aspire.  It’s about the journey.

In the coming weeks the lessons of sharing strawberries with the roly polies will come in handy.  I will approach each day as an opportunity and whatever arises will be enough.  I will share when I can share and be satisfied with what is left as my portion.  I will be grateful for each day as it unfolds in its own sweet way.

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