Leaves of Gratitude

This year’s all-school Thanksgiving project is a lovely paper tree in the office.  It’s our version of Shel Silverstein’s “giving tree,” called “the Seed’s THANKS-giving tree.”  I wish I could take credit for thinking of the idea, but I didn’t.  Each family was asked to write something on a paper leaf, expressing what it is about the Seed for which they are thankful.  Here are a few of the messages:

“I am thankful that the Seed has great drinking fountains, great teachers, nice kids, friendliness and amazing carnivals, picnics, games, and the Seed even has Roxaboxen and Art Masterpiece.”

“We are thankful that our children are in an environment in which they are comfortable and able to grow and explore.”

“I am thankful that the front office greets all children so warmly each time we come in.  Everyone is acknowledged so lovingly.”

“We are thankful that [our child] loves the Seed [and his teacher] so much he asks to go on Sunday!”

“We are grateful for space to play outside and for teachers who care.”

“Our family is thankful that [our child] has received the best early childhood education possible.  We love this school.  The teachers and staff go above and beyond.  We are thankful to be a part of the Seed family.”

“We are grateful for the conscious intention that went into the creation of this school, and for the knowledge and loving kindness from the teachers and staff that is woven into everything at this school.  We feel so lucky to be a part of this community with love.”

“We are thankful for the wonderful, caring staff, and for the teachers who share the knowledge and experience with us.  All of you are generous and loving and we are thankful for all of you!”

“We are thankful for all of the wonderful outdoor activities at the Seed that allow the kids to develop and grow their love for Nature.”

“I am thankful for the happiness the Seed gives to me.”

“Our family is thankful that the Seed and its wonderful teachers teach our son to be kind, patient, forgiving, and honest.  We are thankful that the staff sets an example not just for the children but for the entire community.  Our little Seed school gives us hope, for a better future and a better world.”

Reading over the growing collection of thanks-giving leaves, I am overwhelmed by the kindness and appreciation from our families.  Being a part of the Seed community gives me hope as well, knowing we have a generation of children growing up in a village so deeply committed to making a difference.

2 thoughts on “Leaves of Gratitude

  1. I am thankful that my grandson has such a warm, nurturing environment to help him learn and grow. The Seed is truely a remarkable school filled with love.

  2. We borrowed the idea as well and have added it to our Thanksgiving traditions. (Thank you Mary, for the leaf templates and extra paper:). Almost all 26 of us (ages 4 to 91) did a leaf and stuck it on some branches I have in a vase. They were all beautiful, but my favorite is my sister’s, which brought tears to my eyes: ” I am thankful for the children because I love them all so much…their life and energy and innocence and fun. They keep us young, or at least keep us remembering what it was like to be young. And that’s okay.”
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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