Ripples in the Water

At dusk on Thanksgiving Day, a few family members and I ventured out for a hike around Scott Reservoir near Showlow.  I’d been there before but not at sunset.  It was such a peaceful day anyway, and the quietness of the trees surrounding the water made our trek even more relaxing.  The changing light was spectacular as the sun settled below the horizon.  This made crossing slippery rocks and logs slightly challenging, but we managed with a minimal amount of mud on our shoes.  Dodging “meadow muffins” along the trail was especially entertaining, particularly to my six-year-old grandson.  One of my favorite sights as we hiked was the waxing gibbous moon (a term I thankfully learned from my granddaughter years ago) shining through the leafless silhouetted tree branches.  That same moon found its wobbly reflection in a small rivulet we passed over on our way to the reservoir.

Once we made it to the larger body of water, lots of rocks were skipped or tossed in, causing a rippling effect.  The ripples reminded me of the Seed and our many graduates who have grown up and are touching the world in their own ways.  They are attorneys, doctors, teachers, writers, parents, artists, Peace Corps volunteers, college students, human rights activists.  They are living in Korea, Guatemala, New York, Zambia, Los Angeles, Mesa, Mexico, and Phoenix, just a few blocks from the Seed.  Each is creating a unique ripple and affecting lives.

On Tuesday Gwen’s dad and brothers visited us at the Seed.  Standing out in Gwen’s Castle, our designated playground space devoted to Gwen’s memory (check out this link for history about Gwen’s Castle:, we were appreciating the beauty around us and the fact that the castle is such a well-used area.  We talked about the day we dedicated the castle and how much the children enjoy playing there.  Although the loss of Gwen still lingers, her short life has created its own ripples in many lives.  Her love of princesses and imaginary worlds inspired Gwen’s Castle at the Seed.  The Giggling Gwen Foundation was established by her family “to help fund arts programs in Arizona for young children–to support programs that Gwen would have loved.”  I feel honored to be a part of her ongoing presence at Awakening Seed.  And I am equally appreciative for the opportunity to know so many of our alumni who are making waves, big and small, on a planet that needs their help now more than ever.

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