The Seed Magic

purple gemsPurple cauliflower is nothing short of magical.  I first discovered it in the San Juan Islands last summer at a farmers market.  Since then I’ve cooked it, written about it and am privileged to be watching it grown in our backyard garden AND at the Seed.  Purple cauliflower extended my thinking about the ability of good food to elevate the vibration of the planet and our bodies.  And besides that, it’s beautiful.  Although I’ve been seriously gardening for twelve years, I’m still in awe of how the whole process works.  I’ve learned what I need to do to enhance the growing conditions, when to hover and when to step back and just be amazed.  It’s kind of like growing a school.

I’ve been thinking about the parallels between growing a school and a garden this week as we’ve  taken time to sit and talk with each staff member to reflect on the year so far, check in to see where additional attention is needed and find out about future plans.  It’s a time of year when we have to start thinking ahead, planning our summer art camp and laying down the foundation for the next school year.  It’s when, as a board, we set the budget for the next year, balancing out what we believe is equitable to the families, teachers and the school itself.  This time of year could feel groundless as people make decisions about their children’s futures and their own.  Feeling groundlessness can be scary, yet I am finding more and more that it’s a state of being where considerable growth opportunities are available as well as a good bit of energy.

If you were in attendance at the Seed’s most recent Celebration of the Winter Solstice, you witnessed the program dedication to our board of directors.  There was mention of the “Seed magic,” the frequent occurrence of just the right person, situation or resource showing up at the exact moment of need.  Having witnessed this phenomenon at the school for 37 years, I’m a believer.  It’s how we acquired our property at an exceptionally reasonable price in the late 90s, it’s how many of our staff literally walked through the door looking for a job and how many of our wonderful families have found us.  The “Seed magic” is what has placed such forward thinkers on our board and staff at this point in the school’s evolution.  And it’s what will help to sustain the Seed in the coming years.

As we enter this phase of the year when so many decisions are being made, change is inevitable.  What keeps me steady and calm is remembrance that the students, families and teachers who are meant to be at the Seed will be present, and those who are ready to take the Seed’s essence out into the world will do just that.  It also helps to have purple cauliflower growing in our Seed gardens, a lovely reminder that life keeps bestowing its gracious gifts, particularly when we pause to offer acknowledgement and appreciation.


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