Another Refinement

I have to admit, I momentarily lost faith in the Seed magic.  For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it’s our explanation for the fact that historically things at the Seed always have a way of working out for the good.  It often happens in the form of a person walking in the door just when we need a certain position filled.  Or it could be a supporter coming through with funding for a necessary project in the eleventh hour.  It’s a pattern that has persisted since 1977 when the Seed first began.  The Seed magic was in action on Wednesday as we finalized our new location for this year’s Celebration of the Winter Solstice.  I don’t know what got into me that I doubted it, even for a moment.

With the exception of a few years, our solstice celebration has always been held in a gym, with markings for basketball or volleyball being our choreography guides.  Parents sit in the bleachers or on chairs on the floor, as the children sit with their classes around the performance space.  It’s an hour of what feels like organized chaos, but somehow manages to wow the audience with charming, heartwarming dancing and singing.  It’s one of the year’s highlights for everyone.  This year we were informed that our previous location wasn’t available, due to use restrictions on new gym flooring.  For several weeks, there seemed to be more doors closing than opening in our efforts to find a new venue.  We had several suggestions and offers for alternative locations, yet nothing seemed quite right.

On Wednesday, a few of us ventured out to take a look at locations.  It felt like time was getting short and we needed to make a decision.   We checked out a church center with a stage and room the size of a basketball court.  We could have made it work.  A few calls were made and another possibility opened up to use a school gym in central Phoenix.  It was a larger space with bleachers in a beautiful school and it, too, would have fit our needs.  As we were leaving, Bill received a call from yet another school that their auditorium was available.  We decided to check it out and then decide.

As soon as we walked into the lobby of Marcos de Niza High School’s auditorium, we had a sense this was it.  It is a real auditorium with comfortable theater seating, a stage with lights, and an actual sound system.  It felt perfect and the people we met were helpful and gracious.  And a little bit curious about dancing toddlers.   I drew in a few deep breaths and understood that it was an open door, inviting the Seed to refine an already wonderful event.  It’s a chance to step into something new, to extend the realm of possibilities, a practice we live by at the Seed.  Whether or not it was a result of the Seed magic or just good timing, I’m excited about our new location and look forward to seeing what our creative teachers and their talented students come up with for this year’s Celebration of the Winter Solstice.  One thing for sure, it will be a night to remember on a different stage than a basketball court.

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