Modern Elder

On Sunday we gathered in the desert to celebrate the life of Ralph Peterson, our longtime friend, colleague, and mentor.  Nestled in the San Tan Mountains south of Queen Creek, in the adobe home Ralph and friends built with their own hands, we enjoyed a blue sky afternoon that couldn’t have been more perfect for . . . Read More

An Honest Week’s Work

The Seed was infested with ants when we returned from spring break.  Not the kind of ants the PreK class is studying, human ants.  During our week off, Bill ordered fourteen tons of sand to be delivered.  The pile loomed by the swings and sand circle, inviting possibility.  Mobilization of the work force was in . . . Read More

A Kindhearted One

My circle of elders is dwindling.  As of Sunday evening, the circle is minus one more.  Marilyn Russell, age 93, passed peacefully from this world.  Marilyn was the mom across the street, the mom who pulled our wiggly teeth, the mom who made us feel like she loved us as much as her own kids.  She made . . . Read More