Silence Speaks Louder than Words

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.  Such is the case with our annual silent auction of original Seed art made by students and staff.  It’s a tradition that’s gone on for well over ten years.  Originally associated with the Seed Scramble, a golf tournament held for a few years, the silent auction has taken on a life of its own.  I have to admit, it’s one of my most loved Seed events.  Here’s why.

The classroom works of art are a collaboration.  The pieces offered are created by the class, rather than selling the work of an individual child.  For example, a larger piece depicting a bouquet of flowers would include individual flowers made by each child, then combined to create the bouquet.  A single image representing the state of Arizona might be made of sticks collected by several children, or in the case of a drawing, have specific parts completed by each child in the class.   A butterfly collage would contain small butterflies (made as part of a class study about migration) cut out and decorated by all students.

Each year teachers expand the realm of possibility, both with the project and how to involve students.  For example, one class this year has made two beautiful bamboo wind chimes.  The teacher obtained the bamboo and did the majority of the cutting and assembly.  Young students each had a turn with the electric sander, then added color to individual chime pieces.  One of the classes is making two string art pieces, using nails and colorful string.  The children are given an opportunity to wrap the string however they want, and the teacher then makes adjustments to fit it into the whole piece.  This year, in addition to the hung art, a lovely collection of canvas bags will be available with animals made by small handprints.

Although our standard intention is to minimize the amount of teacher hands that  touch kids’ art, the work for the silent auction involves all hands.  The children’s artistic surprises come through loud and clear in these collective pieces.  They are yet another celebration of our collaborative community that cherishes the creative  process.  Plus it’s another example of how we can work together to make something that benefits the whole community.

Auction items will be on display all of next week.  Bidding will close at 1 P. M. on Saturday, April 14 at the all-school picnic.   We hope you can join us for this fun family event.  For other stories about our art auction, check out these links: