Attitude of Gratitude

As you’re all aware of by now, we’ve been fundraising for the last several months to cover the costs of a new playground structure and resurfacing of our toddler playground safety zone.  I’m delighted to announce that we’ve SURPASSED our fundraising goal of $93,000.  Funds are still trickling in and we have passed the $100,000 mark.  I’m in awe at the generosity of our community, both our current and alumni Seed families.  

One thing that impressed me most was the wide range of giving by families and former staff and students who have been gone from the Seed for many years.  It was meaningful knowing that even after a long time, the Seed experience was still important to them.  Funds were given in honor of people who have passed away who supported the school in significant ways.  Our brick campaign went well also, and soon our latest batch will be added to the current collection.  

We are moving forward with Exerplay, the company that will be installing our new climbing structure.  The timeline is still to be determined, and it looks like the completion date will be sometime in late spring or early summer.  We’d hoped it would be sooner, but as with many things in life, it took more time than anticipated to get to the point where we are right now.  We will definitely have some sort of dedication ceremony to celebrate this most excellent accomplishment.  

In closing I’d like to share some of the comments by our donors:

“I was so excited to donate to the Awakening Seed playground build because in a few short years this community has already given so much love to my family.  The joy that my daughter experiences day in and day out is incredible.  We can’t wait to see the beautiful playground that will be enjoyed by children for years to come.”  —current Seed family

“We were happy to make a donation to Awakening Seed and the playground structure project.  Our son spent his formative years there and our memories (and photos) of him playing outside are very happy.  Here’s to a new playground!”  —Seed alumni parent

“The Seed provides our children with not only excellent and intentional care, but also a community that shares our values and respect for one another. Making a donation to the Seed is important to our family as it is a reinvestment in that community, which we hope will continue to serve families for many years to come.”  —current Seed family 

“We are excited to support The Seed’s new playground project with our donation. The playground symbolizes a place where friends gather, joy is shared and community built.  The Seed’s culture of inclusion and the teachers’ dedication have impacted our son tremendously during these formative years.  Our donation reflects our deep gratitude.”  —current Seed family

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