Solstice Light

Despite all the hustle and bustle the season, I love this week of school leading up to the winter break.  The winter solstice falls right in the middle of it, which is an added bonus.  Over the years, the winter solstice has become one of my favorite days of the year.  I like the history of it and the metaphors that go with the interplay between darkness and light.  More than anything, I appreciate the reminder that when darkness prevails, we have an opportunity to find the light within ourselves.  

During this week there’s been quite a bit of light to be found at the Seed.  On Monday morning, one of our parents arrived with her cello to give a presentation to her daughter’s Pre 4s class.  Before that, she made a quick stop in the Early 3s.  The children sat attentively as she talked about her instrument, then showed how her cello could make extremely low and high notes.  Her time with them ended with a few holiday songs, which inspired students to sing along.  It was such a time of light, sharing music with a young, receptive audience.  

Later in the morning that same day, we were greeted in the office by a lively choir of Toddler 2s carolers.  They sang boisterously as they played jingle bells and other shakers.  They had big smiles on their faces as they captivated a live audience.  

The art work coming to life around the school lightened up the whole place.  A pile of bright pink flamingos in the kindergarten class elevated my anticipation for Wednesday night’s celebration.  The site of gigantic peacock feathers made of cardboard and watercolored paper waiting to be assembled in the 1st/2nd grade class inspired the same excitement.  Cute lions with fluffy manes were a source of light and happiness, eager to find their place in tonight’s celebration.

This morning we were showered with a delicious breakfast from parents.  In addition to the pleasure of eating such a tasty spread, the level of appreciation we felt from parents was immense.  We, in turn, felt gratitude for the incredible families we have here at the Seed.  

In anticipation for tonight’s celebration of the winter solstice, the mood around the school is festive and bright.  Our community feels alive and well as we prepare for our celebration.  As we gather together in the darkness, we will all be immersed in a beautiful light generated by love.  

Seasonal blessings to our whole community…past, present, and future.      

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