New Face on 40th Street

When we returned from winter break, a new face was waiting for us.  After a year of conversation, fundraising, and coordinating with the sign company, the Seed finally has a new sign.  We’ve had a steady stream of positive feedback all week from students, parents, grandparents, and social media followers.  In fact, one of our long ago Seed moms was in the neighborhood and had been thinking of stopping in to say hi.  When she saw the new sign, she said, “I had to stop!”  I ended up giving her a tour of the facility, caught up on her 32-year-old daughter, who’d been one of my students, and handed her one of our tax credit brochures as she was leaving the building.  Already the new sign is working.

We still have one task to finish up before the sign is complete.  You’ll notice the mesh column is currently empty.  On Friday, all of the classes will be rounding up river rocks from the playground and bringing them to the front of the building.  Older students will help place them inside the column.  It may take us awhile to actually fill the whole column, but we’ll do what we can for now.  We’re still accepting rock donations, so if you have any you’d like to contribute, bring them to the school.

Seeing the new sign reminds me of when we first moved into our new (current) building.  At first it seemed like a big leap from where we’d been before.  Having a new beautiful space was an invitation to step into a new feeling of worthiness about our school.  It was like graduating to the next level, and not quite feeling sure we were ready to be where we’d arrived.  Yet we were ready, and our program has certainly grown into our big, beautiful space.

It’s the same with the sign. We outgrew our old one that had been tagged and repainted several times.  When a storm took it down last summer, it was definitely a reminder we were ready for something new.  We’ve stepped into an era with the Seed that is reflected in this new representation of who we are.  It will take some getting used to, and I’m still in awe each time I go outside and see it.  As we finish up this first week back, with all of the meaningful work going on, I know we’re worthy of this sign.  We’ll continue dedicating every single day to inspiring the lives of children, who will in turn make their humanitarian contributions to our planet.  Our new sign will draw future families and supporters to the Seed that we’ll need to continue our work.  Of this I am most certain.

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