All Filled Up

Today is the winter solstice.  I love this day because of its symbolism and how it invites us to tune in to the light within each other and ourselves.  It’s a time of hope.  At the Seed, it has another meaning; it’s what we celebrate this time of year as a school to be inclusive of all our students and families. We encourage families to share their seasonal traditions in each classroom.  Collectively, we work throughout December to put together a magical program of dance and song.

Yesterday we held our first of two dress rehearsals.  Despite a few glitches with the soundtrack, and a few tears here and there, it all went beautifully.  I hadn’t seen any of the dances prior to the dress rehearsal, so it was quite a treat to see dancing elephants, toddler thunder clouds with lightning bolt wands, and feisty fast moving  tigers.  Watching the 3rd/4th graders, some of them preparing to perform in their last solstice, brought back a flood of memories, recalling their individual histories at the Seed.  All of the children’s expressive faces as they concentrated on remembering their moves, filled up my heart with happiness.  As each class represented a feeling through dance, I felt honored to be a part of the work we do at the Seed.

Following the dress rehearsal, it was time to deliver our gift donations to the Sojourner Center.  I have to say, it was one of the best collections we’ve assembled over the years.  I filled up my car with the toys, bedding, pajamas, pillows, books, and games that have been piling up in the office the past few weeks, and headed to the drop off center.  They received our gifts with great appreciation, especially the pillows for the center itself.  Once again, I felt immense appreciation for our generous Seed community.

In a few hours we’ll gather at South Mountain High School for the 2017 Celebration of the Winter Solstice.  You’ll experience an hour of colors, sights, sounds, and dance moves that will captivate the entire audience.  Be prepared to have your hearts filled up with love—for the children, the staff, and the entire Seed village.  Have a blessed holiday, however you celebrate, and may we all move toward a peaceful healing of our planet in the new year.