First Big Event

Since March 2020, the Seed has been in protection mode.  We had to close down for five months due to Covid-19, until we knew enough about how to re-open safely.  When we did open our doors again, there were months of intensive sanitizing, social distancing, and making sure everyone was wearing their mask.  As time passed, most of our staff were vaccinated, and the virus seemed to diminish in our area.  We were able to ease up on certain protocols, and eventually let go of our curbside check-in procedure.

Moving into summer, as many people dropped their masking practices, we stayed true to the county health recommendations for childcare.   While the vaccine opened up life for older children, all of our students remained unvaccinated.  We understand that children are generally less seriously affected by Covid-19, and we know they’re still vulnerable.  Providing an environment where their risk is minimized is no easy task.  Nevertheless, we continue to offer them as normal of a school experience as we can, embedded in all of the planetary intensity in which we all live.

When we opened again this August, we took a step to ease up on our protective mode by inviting parents into the building for morning drop-off.  At first it raised everyone’s anxiety level around here, but gradually we became accustomed to it.  Parents, on the whole, have been respectful and honoring of our practices, knowing it’s all for their children’s well being.  We truly appreciate this and have developed a much deeper appreciation for our community as a result.

As we planned for fall activities, we knew we weren’t ready for the Halloween carnival.  We did think, however, that we could successfully and safely hold our tie-dye and tile painting day.  It’s been a scramble for the staff to put it together, and we’re slowly gathering all the materials we need, setting up schedules, and making our checklists for the final day.  I have to be honest, it makes me nervous to take this step.  Yet I know it’s something we need to do as we learn how to live our lives with Covid-19 as a continuing presence.  What saves me is trust.  Trust in our Seed community, and trust that everyone will be respectful of our community.  I look forward to sharing a colorful and joyful time making beautiful shirts together. 

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