Gathering in Gratitude

The days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday look different from what they used to prior to the pandemic.  For decades each class selected a food item and was responsible for preparing it for a school-wide feast.  After a few songs with Jay, items like green beans, applesauce, quesadillas, cookies, fruit salad, mashed potatoes, and cornbread muffins were set up on several tables, and volunteers would put on serving gloves to hand out the food.  In those days it wasn’t unusual to serve the 300 people who gathered to enjoy a meal together on the Seed playground.  After eating and playing, most kids went home with their parents, and the few remaining ones returned to their classrooms for naps or free choice.  The pandemic shifted everything.

In 2020 we didn’t have a gathering at all, and in 2021 it was an event where each class sat separately outside for a picnic.  In 2022 we brought back a revised version of the event, which served as a good model for how we now do it.  Parents and families were welcome to attend and, in lieu of the massive cooking efforts, were asked to bring a picnic lunch for their own family.  Since most children left with their parents after the feast, we established an early release schedule.  The shifts in practice brought significant ease to the teachers, making it a much more enjoyable and relaxing event. 

In addition to changing the way we gather prior to Thanksgiving Day, we’ve shifted what happens in classrooms in the days before.  Following guidance of the Anti-Bias Curriculum, we choose to focus on gratitude and what we’re thankful for.  For several years we’ve been moving away from typical crafts, books, and conversations that focus on the “traditional” Thanksgiving story.  We are choosing to emphasize universal elements of the upcoming season that are relevant to most people, regardless of their culture or religious practices.  In the spirit of appreciation and healing for our beautiful Seed community, as well as our planet, our first step into the 2023 holiday season is gratitude.

Please bring a blanket, chairs (if you need them), and a picnic lunch for your family and  join us for our outdoor celebration on Wednesday, November 22 @ 11:15 AM.     

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