It’s A Sign

In case you haven’t noticed, the Seed needs a new sign.  It’s been tagged on numerous occasions and has a few layers of paint on one side covering up the evidence.  The other side has a small metal piece layered on with the website squeezed into a too small space.  Our trusty, although outdated, sign has served us well and is ready for a replacement.  Since the Seed’s 40th year, Earth Day, and the annual school picnic are in alignment this year, we have decided to hold a grand event incorporating all three.

Normally, the picnic is an event that has only one fundraising component, the Seed art silent auction.  Because it’s our 40th year and we really need the sign, we will be adding a few other fundraising activities along with the silent auction to boost the sign campaign.  We’ll include a brick project, which will involve families or individuals purchasing an engraved brick in one of two sizes.  The bricks will be installed on the playground, linking the building sidewalk with the sand circle.  Another activity will be a petting zoo that will begin midway through the picnic.  A photo booth will be a part of the festivities, and participants will have an opportunity to paint their name on our new mural (next week’s blog topic) for a small donation.  We are also inviting those who can’t make it to the event to consider making a general donation to the Seed sign fund.

In the spirit of Awakening Seed’s ongoing intention of being inclusive, we’ll have plenty of free activities, including face painting, games, and music.  An Earth Day hike at South Mountain is also being organized.  We’re hoping to generate enough funds from this event to raise the $25,000 we’ll need for the sign.  At the moment, we’re still deciding on the design.  Most definitely we want it to have components that honor both the Seed’s respect for the Earth as well our intention to stay on the cutting edge, as we step further into the digital age.  By the day of the picnic we’ll have the final design on display.

We’re hoping many of our alumni families will join us for this big event, as well as community members.  Please help us by spreading the word and encouraging those you know who love the Seed to participate in our sign campaign.  What the school has become is not adequately represented by our old and trusty sign.  It’s time the 40th Street world and beyond sees a more accurate expression of who we are.

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