In My Heart

Although the weather still feels like autumn, we are headed toward the official first day of winter next Thursday.  It will be an especially meaningful solstice this year since the Seed’s Celebration of the Winter Solstice falls on the actual day for our 2017 event.  Our fall semester ends a week later this year, so it’s been helpful to have the extra time to refine the dances.  I haven’t yet seen their dances, but if the music wafting from the multi are any indication, it will be a lively performance.  It’s always impressive to see what each class comes up with, from the toddlers to our elementary students.

December can be a challenging month.  Due to the rehearsal schedule, there are a few shifts from our normal patterns.  Specials are held in classrooms, and time is spent each day practicing the dances for the whole month.  It’s a busy and demanding time for teachers.  It tends to be the season when more children than usual come down with illnesses.  It’s a juggling act to keep everyone well enough for the performance and daily school life.  All of the energy and practice put into preparations for the Celebration of the Winter Solstice are always worth it.

This year’s performance is based on the book, In My Heart:  A Book of Feelings by Jo Witek.  It’s a beautiful and simple book about feelings.  Each class has selected a feeling to portray through dance.  Prepare yourself for dancing thunder clouds and sad elephants.  We’re happy to be performing at the South Mountain High School auditorium again this year.  We’ve had several different locations in the past four years, and are delighted to be returning to a familiar space in which to offer our 2017 production.  We look forward to sharing it with you.  Please bring your families, tissues, and cameras.  We’re certain you won’t be disappointed.  For past blogs about the Seed’s Celebration of the Winter Solstice, check out these links: