A Not So Silent Auction

On Friday the 2018 carnival will be in full force.  Months of preparation will come to fruition for the Seed’s big Halloween event.  The bounce houses will be installed, desserts will be arranged in delicious piles, and lines will form all evening for this year’s Mystery Theater performance of I Need My Monster.  Racks of kid-decorated cakes will lie in waiting for lucky cake walk winners to take them home.  Current and alumni families will arrive in costume, or not, and everyone will be anticipating a gloriously fun evening.  

One of the most important features of the carnival is the silent auction/raffle.  Prizes are donated by parents, staff, and businesses to be auctioned or raffled individually or combined with other donations.  This year’s auction includes ten baskets filled with themed items from each class and the grandparents group.  Themes include local products, camping, water, cooking, movie night, and Legos®.  The baskets are quite impressive, and I’m hoping all our bidders will feel the same way.  It’s important to the Seed that our silent auction and raffle are successful. 

We have plenty of money for our elementary scholarships.  Covering the preschool scholarships, however, is a different story, as the silent auction/raffle is their primary sources of funding.  Preschool scholarships are almost always partial ones, spread out among several families.  This allows deserving families to attend and remain at the school, and contributes to the Seed’s socio-economic balance.  Maintaining this balance directly impacts the Awakening Seed mission, which is:

“Awakening Seed is an innovative, compassionate learning community that inspires global citizens by fostering curiosity, celebrating uniqueness, and promoting social justice.”

The carnival, and particularly the silent auction and raffle, play an important role in furthering the Seed’s vision of inclusion, diversity, and planetary stewardship.  We thank you ahead of time for supporting this event and all the children and families that benefit from it.  The generosity and care put into the baskets and carnival speak loudly about our community’s commitment to the school’s mission.