A Not So Silent Auction

On Friday the 2018 carnival will be in full force.  Months of preparation will come to fruition for the Seed’s big Halloween event.  The bounce houses will be installed, desserts will be arranged in delicious piles, and lines will form all evening for this year’s Mystery Theater performance of I Need My Monster.  Racks of kid-decorated . . . Read More

Hanging Out with the Monsters

When the carnival starts next Friday night, you won’t see me right away.  I’ll be hanging out backstage with the monsters.  You see, for the past 31 years, I’ve been one of the Mystery Theater players.  We’re a dedicated band of hooligans (also Seed staff members) who enjoy making people laugh.   The Mystery Theater . . . Read More

It’s Carnival Season

There are few traditions as well established as our annual Halloween carnival.  It’s a labor of love by many people in our Seed village, and it happens close to the beginning of the new school year.  For new families, it can seem like information overload.  I’m writing this to highlight a few components of the . . . Read More

Carnival…Seed Style

It’s carnival week.  We’re in the throes of a truly exciting time at the Seed.  Many, many people have been, and continue to be, hard at work putting it all together.  Parents and grandparents are baking treats, stirring up chili, and purchasing kid-friendly drinks.  Our highly efficient APA team has been steadily assembling silent auction . . . Read More

Sweet Lesson in Service

Halloween is a sweet time of year, and I’m not talking candy.  Certainly it’s sweet when the temperatures fall below 100, even if it’s just barely in double digits.  It’s fun to hear the kids talk excitedly about their Halloween costumes and what they plan to do at the carnival.  As I wrote last week, . . . Read More

Zombie Love

Without fail, the same thing occurs between our September teacher work day and the annual Seed Halloween carnival.  Regardless of who’s on the staff, it happens every year.   It involves wacky costumes, glasses with noses, ridiculous jokes, creativity, and imagination.  It’s a tradition that dates back to circa 1986, called the Mystery Theater.  Started by Mike . . . Read More

Halloweens Past

As kids growing up in a rural Nebraska town, Halloween was a highlight of the year.  Once we were old enough to go trick or treating, our parents let us loose to spend hours going from house to house on a mission for “the goods.”  Word spread quickly which houses gave out popcorn balls and . . . Read More