Gratitude in the Air

In the past few days I’ve noticed people mingling outside the 3rd/4th grade classroom.  Finally I walked down the hallway to check out what was going on.  The class created a giant bingo display with an act of kindness in each section.  Anyone interested in participating is invited to sign their name in a section once the act is completed. Some of the acts of kindness are:  

  • I smiled at someone.
  • I packed my own lunch/snack.
  • I told someone why s/he is special to me.
  • I thanked a teacher. 
  • I read a book to someone. 

In other parts of the school writers are learning about beautiful language and applying it in their own writing.  First through fourth graders are currently writing a piece about someone to whom they feel gratitude.  One second grader had this to say about his grandmother:  “At my granny’s old apartment we used to stand together proudly and watch the morning birds sing beautiful songs.  What I love about my granny is she lets me do whatever I want as long as it’s safe.  I also love her because she’s my granny and she lets me do things and stuff that my parents don’t let me do.”  

A fourth grader wrote this poem about his dad:

My Daddy
My Daddy like a cook
prepping for opening day, busy
handed, twenty five orders, just like
a buzzing bee, working hard buzzing
along, going along one simple goal
but a million ways to do it
just going along like a father

Their gratitude, along with that of classmates, clearly comes through in their writing.   There is other gratitude in the air.  Children are learning a song about being thankful that draws on what they are immediately grateful for in their everyday lives.  Classes are getting organized for our annual feast next Wednesday.  Each group will be cooking or prepping one item to share at the feast with the rest of the school. As part of the feast, we will gather for a gratitude circle prior to eating.  Our focus, as always, will be remembering to appreciate what we have here at the Seed.  

Another expression of gratitude is our fall food drive for the Tanner Chapel food pantry.   Gathering and collecting food for those who are hungry around this time of year is a way to teach children about generosity, as well as gratitude for what we have.   We appreciate your support of this community service project and hope you will use it to help your child understand the value of giving and gratitude.  Additionally, we look forward to our time together at the feast next week in celebration of our Seed community.