Be Safe, Be Well

Normally on this day we’d be hustling around, setting up tables, plugging in the warmer, and preparing for our all-school feast.  The building would be filled with unbelievably mouth watering smells, and aluminum containers would be lined up for the eventual food service lines.  Eventually families would start arriving, and after a large gathering in the multipurpose room, we’d all disperse to the playground for the feast.  It’s one of our most inclusive, celebratory events of the school year that honors our beautiful Seed community.

As with other events and practices, it’s not happening this year.  We have instead focused on what we’re grateful for within our school community.  Tagging on to the Halloween practice of decorating doors, each class has decorated the door of another class in gratitude for what they bring to the school.  It’s a sweet gesture that we’ll likely continue throughout the remainder of the school year.

In a few hours we’ll dismiss students early, sending children and staff off to celebrate the holiday weekend in their own ways.  It feels like a tenuous time to do so, given the growing surge of COVID-19 cases in our country.  So much about  these times is truly out of our control.  As we move into the days ahead, all I can offer is what we’ve been practicing all along:

  • wear a mask
  • stay socially distanced
  • remain at home and/or in your bubble as much as possible
  • keep group gatherings small
  • be mindful of symptoms
  • take care of yourself and your family 

As you move out into the world, be safe and be well.  If we continue to work together to keep our Seed community protected, we’ll have a safe place for our students and staff to be.  Thanks for what you bring to our lives, and may we all be a source of comfort and support for each other in the coming days.