In Light of These Times

The last sentence of my previous blog reads, “We are the Seed after all, and our work will always be to reach toward the light.”  I thought of this Wednesday morning with all the weight of uncertainly around the election, the growing number of COVID-19 cases on the planet, and the daily responsibility of making sure the needs of all our students, families, and staff are being met.  I was scheduled to spend the day with the 1st/2nd grade class, so my morning started with children on the playground.  

As I supervised children in their outdoor classroom area, in all honesty, part of my my attention was elsewhere.  More than anything, I felt deeply concerned about the divisiveness of our country that was unfolding visually on blue and red map sections.  Regardless of how the election turns out, the process of healing that divide seems almost impossible.  Even within my own family there is significant division and, although we respectfully agree not to talk politics, it sometimes eats away at my heart.  At a moment in history when we need desperately to work together, to survive the pandemic and heal our planet, chances of that seem remote at best. 

Following my thoughts of planetary healing as they wove in and out of the activities happening in front of me, I noticed a few concrete blocks arranged together with small painted rocks lined up along the top surface.  They were arranged in such a way that the morning light shone through the holes.   Noticing how the light came through lifted my spirits. I saw it as an indicator of a way through all this mess.   The way is to continue the work before us.

Beginning with our tiny toddlers, we teach children how to be kind to each other, how to speak in a way that promotes cooperation, and how to act in a way that creates peace and harmony.  As children get older, they learn to approach their friends respectfully, with words that help them move toward a solution if there’s a problem.  They learn how to critique each other’s work in a manner that is supportive and growth-inspiring.   Our oldest students participate in discussions that invoke thinking about fairness, human rights, and social justice.  These conversations often stay with them long after they leave the Seed, frequently impacting the course of their lives.  

I’ve written this over and over since this blog began years ago, and I feel compelled to say it again.   We will change and heal this world one child at a time.  It’s a slow, steady process, and one worth undertaking.  We’re in this for the long haul.  I have great hopes for the future of our planet.  In light of that, I leave you with our mission statement:  

Awakening Seed is an innovative, compassionate learning community that inspires global citizens by fostering curiosity, celebrating uniqueness, and promoting social justice.