Wrapping It Up

It’s been three mornings of celebrating each and every Seed child.  One class at a time gathered beneath our huge shade trees on the playground to honor the excellent year we’ve had.  Starting on Wednesday morning with the Toddler 1s students, parents arrived to join the ceremony, cameras in hand.  Their ceremony was an exercise in constant motion, and was a demonstration of the immense love and patience our Toddler 1s teachers possess.  When the Toddler 2s settled into the chairs front and center, the difference of a year of growth was highly evident.  Students mostly stayed in their chairs and their loving teachers bestowed sweet comments about each one as they stepped up on the wooden platform.  To round out Wednesday morning’s awards, the Early 3s stood one at time with proud smiles to hear what their teachers had to say to them.  They completed their awards with a lively, entertaining song.

On Thursday morning the Preschool 4s began the day’s awards ceremonies with a song.  Their teacher read off their many accomplishments, as proud parents captured the moment with their iPhones and other devices.  The Preschool 3s were recognized for their favorite activities, strengths, and specific contributions to the class.  At the end, their proud teacher gave each of them a flower to give to their parents, in thanks for their part in their child’s journey.  PreK ended the morning with each child receiving a haiku (three lines, seventeen syllables) written by each of their three teachers.  They didn’t see each other’s haiku until that morning, and it was interesting how they were all so similar and interconnected.

This morning, Friday, May 26, our last day of our 2022-2023 school year, was all about celebrating our elementary students.  The 3rd/4th grade class held their graduation ceremony at 9:15, which included two beautiful songs, introductory comments before diplomas were awarded, and the gift of an extraordinary live sunflower from their teacher.  They transitioned to their classroom for individual awards as the 1st/2nd graders in their handmade graduation caps received their acknowledgments from their teachers.  The morning ended with the kindergarteners and their parents assembled to honor the artists, scientists, investigators, future doctors, readers, and outstanding listeners in their energetic class.  They also sang two songs for their parents and ended their time together with a square dancing demonstration in the multi.

We thank all our families for joining us to celebrate our school year and the wonderful children who fill up the Seed with their energy and light.  For those of you who are leaving us, we wish you the best in whatever life brings you.  We hope you know by now, that wherever you go, you’ll always carry a part of the Seed with you.  For those of you returning, we look forward to continuing the journey together.   

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