Full Moon Movie Night

Last Saturday evening at the Seed was magical.  As the full moon rose in the east, dozens of families gathered on the Seed playground for an outdoor movie night.  It took awhile for the sun to go down enough to see the image on the screen, and once it did, everyone’s attention shifted to the movies.  Sponsored by our well-organized APA, the event was inviting and successful.  A delicious assortment of snacks and drinks was available for participants to partake in, and donations were welcome.  A polaroid camera was set up for impromptu photos to be taken, which quite a few children eagerly jumped on the opportunity to experience.  

Throughout the evening, with my great-granddaughter snuggled under a blanket on my lap, I looked around at all the families.  Being able to gather like this again, after several years of pandemic restrictions, felt heart-warming.   Although it was a much simpler event than our annual carnival, I could see the potential for putting together another carnival in the future.  Our APA has been incredible this year, and in time I think a carnival could happen.  There was visible teamwork that went into making the movie night a success.  

The one thing none of us planned for was the sprinkler system automatically turning on, just as the end credits were rolling on the screen.  The equipment was prevented from getting too wet by a quick-responding dad who kept the sprinkler head compressed while others moved the screen and projection equipment aside.  The system was soon turned off, as families packed up and prepared to leave.  It added a perfect level of excitement and surprise to a delightful evening.

As I was taking the last two bags of trash to the dumpster, there were a few families left finishing clean-up.  I felt such appreciation for them, recalling the handful of families over many decades who have been at the Seed after an event, still cleaning up in the darkness.  I mentioned this to one of the moms and she said, “And I bet some of them have sent their kids to the Seed, too.”  That actually was true of the evening movie event.  Thinking of all the families who have gone above and beyond as volunteers to help the Seed thrive gave me hope for the school’s future, knowing this tradition is alive and well.  It made me feel thankful for our small community that provides children and families a safe place to be and learn.   

My heart breaks for the children and families in other parts of the world whose lives are not so safe.  I keep hoping all the goodness generated here at the Seed will continue to spill out into the world, bringing healing to all aspects of our planet.  

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