What’s Not to Love?

Energy is high around the Seed, as we approach parent/teacher conferences.  It’s a time that demands much of the teachers, as they thoroughly prepare progress reports and gather materials to communicate each child’s progress.  This season of  reflection on individual children helps us establish our path forward for the second half of the school year.  It’s also Valentine’s Day, which has its own set of energy enhancements.  In the spirit of Valentine’s day I decided to write about som of the things I love about the Seed:

I love the thousands of sandy footprints in the early morning light, constantly changing from day to day.   

I love coming to work each day to be with people who are genuinely devoted their work and truly care about the well being of children.

I love seeing children of different ages playing together and helping each other. 

I love hearing a three-year-old confidently speak up for herself when someone takes her digging spoon in the sand circle.

I love the beautiful handmade self-portraits with unique skin colors custom mixed by each student hanging in the hallway.  

I love how much the kids are enjoying our new climbing structure.

I love listening to two friends happily chatting on the swings.

I love the smile on a child’s face when first mastering a new skill, like crossing the monkey bars or reaching the top of the climbing wall.

I love the enthusiasm for collecting piles of donated jackets for unhoused people.

I love our new garden beds with irrigation systems and healthy plants growing in them.

I love how supportive and enthusiastic our parent organization has been this year.

I love when one teacher covers for another without missing a beat.

I love the way kindergartners magically become readers and writers.

I love how teachers and kids keep showing up, even when things are hard.

I love all the opportunities each day holds for making our world a better place.

(photo courtesy of Deb Hopkins)

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