Last Night We Were Brave

Although everyone is moving a bit slower this morning, we’re all feeling the glow of last night’s performance.  The amount of effort that goes into our winter solstice production is unseen by most of our audience.  The vision, patience, and practice that fill up our December weeks came forth last night as we offered an . . . Read More

Friday Projects

I pay attention to patterns of three.  This week, as graduation photos and announcements started rolling in, a set of three caught my attention: future  engineers.  For decades I’ve held the belief that activities children engage in when they are young often surface in adulthood.  When I heard that three of our former Seeds were . . . Read More

Marvelous Real

As an alum of Arizona State University, I often receive ASU publications.  One arrived last week that caught my eye.  On the cover was a delightful photo of Alberto Ríos, an ASU professor, Arizona’s first poet laureate from 2013-15, and a former Seed parent.  I read the engaging article about Alberto, his life, and his work . . . Read More


The little altar under the tree caught my eye.  I saw it on my way out to Gwen’s Castle with the 3rd/4th graders the morning after Halloween.  We were headed to the castle as part of Día de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead.  For several weeks, many classes have been learning about this time . . . Read More

As Big As a Dinosaur

Last Friday there was a commotion outside our office door.  I peeked out and noticed a small person holding a long string.  Sure enough, it was one of our Preschool 4s.  She exclaimed, “This is how long my dinosaur is!”  The string extended the length of the hallway.  Her dinosaur, the diplodocus, was the longest . . . Read More

A Great Silence

For the past six years I’ve given two Tuesday afternoons a month to serving as a volunteer yoga teacher at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Each time I go I work with two different groups of children and rarely see the same child twice. Some of them have done yoga before at school or with a family . . . Read More

Art Naturally

I’m always curious this time of year to see what the teachers come up with for the art auction.  On Monday I wandered through classrooms to see what was in the works.  My expectations were far  surpassed.  What I found so interesting was that all of the pieces have some connection to nature, either through . . . Read More

Super Cakes

Monday’s playground duty with the Early 3s was not without its regular events.  Children eagerly filled their pots and pans with water, dumping it out almost immediately so they could stand in the refill line again.  Bright yellow truck beds with crusty sand formed a queue for a makeshift carwash.  Preschoolers used their spoons to expand . . . Read More