In Lieu of Halloween

 As the months keep adding up since the pandemic began, it’s easy to slide into the mindset of focusing on what we’ve lost.  I struggle with this daily, and all of it is making many of us feel incredibly tired.  Yet we press on, showing up every day to serve our students, support each other, and continue the work of the Seed.  These weeks leading up to Halloween are particularly bittersweet this year.  It’s carnival season.  Or at least it has been since 1984 at the Seed.  

Due to COVID-19, we aren’t able to hold our big annual carnival in 2020.  It’s our major fundraiser, and even more, our main community event.  It feels like a big empty hole.  Nevertheless, we have a plan for making next week as fun and festive as possible, despite the absence of our carnival.  Thanks to several creative teachers, it will be a week-long celebration during one of our favorite times of the year.

Our Halloween spirit week will include the following invitations for students and staff:

Monday – mismatched outfits, from head to toe
Tuesday – tie-dye clothes
Wednesday – workout clothes, favorite team apparel, or pajamas
Thursday – wear your clothing backwards
Friday – Halloween costumes (please leave all accessories, weapons, etc. at home)

I want to add that we had an opportunity to grow our awareness through spirit week planning.  Originally we planned to have a wacky hair day.  It was thankfully brought to our attention that such a theme holds the potential to make fun of certain hair styles that are often worn on a regular basis by some.  It was a classic “I never thought of that” moment.  It’s one more example of subtle ways in which we all need to keep our eyes wide open and be willing to shift our thinking.  Here’s an informative article.       

We also have a virtual event planned for Friday, October 30.  It’s called “Broom to Zoom” and it will be an all-inclusive event for in-person and virtual students.  It will start at 10:00 AM and will include costumes, story time, music and dancing, and a community pumpkin gallery.  Children are invited to bring in decorated pumpkins starting on Monday, which will be on display near the school entrance.  We ask that they be painted or decorated instead of carved, so they will stay fresh all week.  Pumpkins should be picked up and taken home on Friday, October 30.  The link for “Broom to Zoom” will be sent out to current families.   

We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween season.