Time for an Upgrade

For the last 23 years our climbing structure, made from recycled plastic “wood,” has served us well.  Hundreds of children have played tag, taken wild imaginative journeys, and escaped from pursuing bad guys on it.  Over time a few components had to be replaced or removed, and quite honestly, our current structure is ready to be retired.  It’s still safe and sturdy, just in need of a replacement.  Right before Covid hit, we had a committee working on finding companies, collecting bids, and exploring potential designs.  All of that came to a standstill when we had to close down the school, and it’s taken until recently to regain some traction on the project.  

We have recently reconnected with Exerplay, one of the companies we liked, and have settled on a design, included in this post.  Our next phase is pulling together the funding to make it happen.  One of our first steps is the annual silent art auction featuring art work from Seed students and staff.  We have a wide variety of pieces, including framed paper roses, a 30”x30” canvas of the Earth and its people, a penguin family reunion, a framed collage of the lungs resembling a tree, a wooden bench, a stool with Planet Earth as the seat, collections of hearts and spinning planets, and many other eye-catching creations.  Although it’s a smaller collection than we’ve offered in the past, it is quite beautiful and impressive.

This year we’ve transitioned to an online bidding process, and so far it’s going quite well.  The bidding will continue until May 14 at 7 PM.  We’re excited about the response so far and certainly appreciate the participation thus far.  If you would like to bid on a piece, please go to this link.  In addition to bidding on art work, you also have the option to make a tax deductible donation.  You can do this through the website, or contact the Seed (602) 454-2606 to make a direct donation.  We need to raise around $60,000 to complete the project, so we’ll be exploring a number of different avenues to successfully do so.  

Things always have a way of working out for the Seed, and we know this will be another one of those situations that will happen.  We do appreciate the continuing support of our current and extended Seed family.  Please consider participating in this worthwhile Seed upgrade.  

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