Paving the Way

It’s the autumn equinox, and the rain this morning is a welcome visitor.  The creosote bush at the school’s entrance is a fragrant greeter.  Even though the days are still on the warm side, it’s clear that summer is coming to an end.  It’s giving us a bit of breathing room to look ahead to autumn events, such as the annual tie-dye and tile painting day.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and its aftermath, we won’t be holding our Halloween carnival again this year.  The main reason, other than the continuing risks of large, unmasked gatherings, is that the event requires at least six months of pre-planning and organizing to make it happen. Traditionally this is done by a group of parent volunteers through our APA (Seed parent organization).  Since the pandemic has vastly limited parent involvement, we don’t have a core group to work on it.  Hopefully, this will change with time.

The carnival was our major fundraising event.  We have several projects that need immediate attention, and others that are less urgent but definitely important.  We need to resurface our toddler playground, replace our current climbing structure on the big playground, replace several air conditioning units, and resurface the parking lot.  While we have some capital improvement funds in our budget, it’s not enough to do it all.  We need help.  We’ve applied for a large grant to cover some of it, and won’t know for awhile if we’ll receive it.  In the mean time, our board is getting organized for a major fundraising campaign toward the end of 2022.  

To pave the way (pun totally intended) for our upcoming campaign, we are revitalizing our brick campaign during the months of October and November.  The brick campaign was originally started to raise funds for our school sign. Current bricks are arranged on a concrete slab adjacent to the ramp leading into the playground.  We have space for around 300 more bricks in that location.  We’d love to add that many new bricks!  Next week we’ll have an information table set up in the hallway for how you can purchase a brick.  Additionally, since parents have not been permitted on the playground since 2020 (except for special events), we’ll give you the opportunity to go out to the playground and see where they are.  

Brick purchases will be handled online with a variety of payment options.  We have two sizes of bricks, $75 and $100, with or without our logo, and each family adds personalized text.  Please pass this on to family members, friends, grandparents, and anyone who wishes to support the Seed playground structure project.  Go to this link for all the information you’ll need to purchase a brick.         

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