Precocious Pumpkins

You may have noticed the parade of silly pumpkins lined up along the hallway this week.  You might not recognize them as pumpkins, since they’re disguised as doughnuts, an ice cream cone, a very hungry caterpillar, and other fanciful characters.  We wanted to do something fun to usher in the Halloween season, especially since we weren’t able to hold our annual Halloween carnival yet.  Kids are invited to wear costumes on Halloween, Monday, October 31.  Classes will have enjoyable activities that day to add to the excitement.  

The decorated pumpkins have another purpose, too.  Beside each pumpkin on display is a black box.  We’re inviting parents and students to vote for their favorite pumpkins by placing one dollar in the box for each vote.  There will be a small prize for the winner.  The big winners, however, will be the kids, because all the funds will go toward our new climbing structure and the new safety surface on our toddler playground (check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!).  We have a long way to go ($93,000 total, and we’ve already raised around $6,000).  Every little bit helps.  

In addition to the pumpkin contest, we have a raffle for the parking space closest to the building.  Raffle tickets are on sale for $20 each.  That’s right, for only $20 you can purchase a chance to win the parking space that will allow you to bring your children in the building without having to walk across the parking lot.  Along with the parking space, we have some gift cards and a few pieces of art for prizes.  

To round out our fall fundraising efforts, we also have our brick campaign going on at this time.  For more information about the bricks, please check out this link.  The bricks are installed on the concrete slab near our playground ramp.  We still have space for about 300 bricks to be installed, so if you want to participate, this is a good time.  It’s one more way for your child and family to leave your mark at the Seed.  Brick sales will continue through the month of November.  The pumpkin contest and parking space raffle will culminate at the end of the day on Monday.  

Thanks for supporting the Seed in the many ways you do.  It’s all about providing our students the best environment possible, for play and learning.  And it’s about sustaining the school for generations to come.  As our new t-shirts say:  “Where you plant your heart a seed will grow.”

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