Activists Every Day

We’re doing Earth Day differently this year.  Usually we pick one issue—such as plastic bags, throwaway straws, or endangered species—and make it a whole school theme.  We decide how to address the issue within each classroom, then report back to the whole group on Earth Day.  This year, since such varied authentic learning is happening in each class, we’ve asked each group to come up with a project, either globally or locally, that will have an impact on Planet Earth. Some of the projects will be conducted or completed on Earth Day, and others are still evolving.  Here’s a general look at what will occur at the Seed this year:

  • Toddler 1s are engaged in a study of trucks, including garbage trucks that pick up trash.  
  • Toddler 2s have been learning about trees for awhile.  Their project will be to ask Bill about planting a tree in the school yard and learning how to take care of it.
  • Early 3s  have been studying insects for awhile. As they learn about bee vegetation, they will include more plants that support bees in their garden.  They  are also going to collect recycling money from cans and use it to support The Honey Bee Conservancy.
  • Preschool 3s families are meeting at the Beverly Canyon trailhead on Saturday morning to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and give back to Mother Earth by picking up trash as they hike. They will use repurposed plastic grocery bags as their trash bags. They will sort the trash from recycling, depositing the waste in the proper receptacles.
  • Preschool 4s are currently studying the wildlife of the African savanna, researching individual animals, making presentations and planning an imaginary safari to Kenya and the Masai Mara.  In celebration of Earth Day, students and their parents will be launching a small week-long fundraiser for the African Wildlife Foundation.  
  • PreK students are in the midst of a deep study of the ocean.  Their study has included shark tagging, protection of various animal species, and the ocean habitat.  They are still deciding what their community service project will be. 
  • The K-1  class is talking about water conservation, where water comes from, and practices they can follow that will help with water conservation.  They’ll be making recycled robots, painting river rocks for a landscaping project in front of the school, and preparing for their campout next Friday.  
  • 1st and 2nd graders have been talking about conservation and issues affecting the Earth’s climate.  Each child will choose an issue (such as ocean cleanup) and become an innovator to try to help solve the problem.  
  • For Earth Day, 3rd and 4th graders will be collaborating with the Preschool 4s class to bring awareness and raise money for the endangered African animals via the African Wildlife Foundation.   Students will make posters that will include information about the animals, in addition to designing cards to sell in sets.  The proceeds will go to the African Wildlife Foundation.  

Classes will present their projects to the rest of the school at the Monday meeting on April 22.  Additionally, we’ll have picnic lunches outside together at each class’s regular lunch time.  At the Seed we’ll continue to do our work for the planet, both locally and globally.  We invite you to do the same by supporting our projects and finding your own ways to be involved as they seem right for your and your family.