Catching Light Across Time

I listen to so many podcasts, it’s hard to remember which thoughts and ideas come from which podcasts.  Often podcasters interview each other and/or appear on a number of episodes within a short period of time.  I love this intermingling of thought leaders.  It’s interesting how they might speak on the same topic with different interviewers, but say it in a different way, based on the questions asked.  Anyway, somewhere in this blending of the podcasting world, I heard the phrase, “catching light across time.”  I’m thinking it was adrienne maree brown, but I haven’t found the specific source for verification.  The phrase has stuck in my mind.

It seems like I’m always reflecting on our work at the Seed, reviewing our mission, and making sure what we do on a daily basis is in alignment with it.  Over the decades that the school has been in existence, we’ve explored language that best describes our work.  We’ve examined different approaches to learning, discipline, and literacy.  With each iteration of this process, we’ve asked ourselves what we can do to be better planetary stewards.  “Catching light across time” has something  to do with this process, especially at this particular moment in history.

I think of catching the light as being similar to looking for the good.  It’s related to keeping our eyes wide open, and exploring possibilities.  Catching the light happens when a teacher notices and communicates a breakthrough a child might make.  It’s also making connections between events, insights, or actions, then expressing potential insights to others who might benefit from this newfound information.  

Catching the light  is also about seeing our place in the world over time, and basing decisions not only on how they affect our current lives, but also the future.  It’s a powerful accumulation of intentional cultivating light-filled experiences, then making them available in ways that are practical and profound.  

I am beginning to understand the power of this approach, and how the tiniest act of kindness or attention can ripple out into the universe.  I’m also reminded that the process of catching light across time begins with each of us, as we move through every day, every month, every year.  It’s a manageable practice in these times when so much seems to draw us toward negativity and despair.   Perhaps in doing so we can co-create a world more beautiful than any of us could have imagined.  It’s worth a try.

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