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How can it be that we’re already entering the second half of November?  The cooler days make it seem more believable, yet it’s all going so quickly.  On the agenda for the Seed in the coming weeks is our annual gathering the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  In years past, each class cooked an item to contribute to a shared meal for students, staff, and parents.  We haven’t had the event since 2019, due to Covid, and are planning to bring back a variant of the gathering.  This year we’re inviting families to join us for a picnic at 11:30 AM on the Seed playground.  Each family will bring their own food, and classes will sit together on blankets and chairs also brought by individual families.  After eating there will be a brief time for children to play, then we’ll have early dismissal at 12:30 PM for toddlers and Early 3s, and 12:45 PM for all other students.  

Our brick sales will continue through the end of November.  If you haven’t purchased yours yet, you still have time.  The picnic will be a perfect time to check out where the bricks are installed.  Here’s the link for further information.   

Finally, the 3rd/4th graders are hard at work on a community service project to help with food insecurity among un-housed people. Once the kits are assembled, they’ll distribute them to any Seed families and staff who are interested in handing them out to people they see who might be hungry.  There was a strong reminder in the discussions that an adult must always be present when food kits are being shared with the general public.  They are collecting these non-perishable items by November 23:

  • bottled water
  • dried fruit
  • peanut butter pouches
  • canned tuna
  • granola bars
  • chips
  • ramen noodles
  • small boxes of cereal

All food items can be left in the office.  The class thanks you ahead of time for participating in this worthwhile project. 

As they assemble the food kits, students plan to add a kind note to each one.  Here are a few of the kind notes they thought of to include in the kits:

  • You’re loved.
  • Be loving.
  • You are amazing.
  • You can do this.
  • It’s going to be okay.
  • You shine like a rainbow.
  • Just be yourself.
  • (my favorite) I hope you have a good day.  If you don’t, I hope the food helps.

As we made a list of what to include, one child said LOVE.  As a symbol of love, they’re thinking of making small origami hearts.  Regardless if they end up making the hearts, these kits will most certainly be filled with love.

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